IT Recruiter: Modern Recruitment + Technical Competence

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salary 2500 €
location Online
date 22. January
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About the course

The IT sector is booming and it is increasingly difficult to find qualified specialists. On the other hand many candidates find the IT sector attractive but very complicated to understand. Companies often resort to expensive recruiting agencies, although they could handle this task in-house. All it takes is to train recruiters and HR professionals in modern search methods, digital technologies, and technical proficiency. 

Our course aims to make the talent search and recruitment process more efficient by automating and digitizing tasks, as well as integrating innovative capabilities. This is accomplished through a systematic step-by-step approach, with a focus on candidate experience and data analytics.

“Speaking the same language” with the IT team takes HRs and recruiters to a new, advanced level, helps to address, evaluate and hire the best talents much faster. During our course, we help our participants to understand how things work in IT companies, what roles and competencies there are, how teams and processes are built.

We will make the complicated terminology clear in an easy, practical way. We will use images and jokes and lots of practical assignments to make it stick.

As a result, each student will significantly enhance their recruiting skills foundation, acquiring digital skills and technical competence. This will help them hire IT professionals efficiently and contribute to the company's successful growth.


The curriculum is developed based on: Level 5 Recruitment Specialist Competencies: B.2.5, B.2.7, B.2.12 and B.2.13

Curriculum Groups:

688 Information and Communication Technology Interdisciplinary Curriculum Group.

0611 Computer Use Curriculum Group (Computer and Internet Usage).

0413 Management and Administration Curriculum Group.

Date of approval of the curriculum: 20.11.2023.


The training spans 10 weeks with a break between two parts:

  • Modern Recruitment (first part) lasts for 4 weeks.
  • Technical Competence (second part) lasts for 5 weeks.



At the end of the training, the student will determine how software products are created and differentiate nuances in IT roles. They will confidently use IT terminology and proficiently conduct an effective recruitment process by using modern sourcing methods, digital solutions, recruitment software, and artificial intelligence. The student will apply a systematic approach by focusing on the candidate experience, data collection, and analysis. They will also digitize the hiring process, evaluate their impact on recruitment outcomes, and explore ways to enhance productivity.


Learning Outcomes:


A graduate of the training:

  • expertly plans a targeted search strategy and confidently manages the recruitment process by showcasing advanced digital skills, effectively utilizing recruitment software, digital applications, and artificial intelligence,
  • finds candidates in databases and on social media platforms, including LinkedIn, GitHub, Kaggle, Behance, etc., by creating Boolean Search and Google X-Ray sourcing queries and automating targeted searches using search engines and Chrome extension,
  • comprehends the principles of digital data management in accordance with GDPR regulations to ensure the confidentiality of candidate personal data and compliance with data protection requirements,
  • explains how to enhance their performance by monitoring recruitment process metrics and analyzing recruitment process data.
  • defines their responsibilities in the recruiter role and applies principles of a candidate-centric approach to ensure a high-quality candidate experience.


A graduate of the training:

  • Clearly defines the structure of a software product lifecycle, accurately identifying the crucial roles at each stage of software development and offering insightful analyses of their significance. 
  • Easily finds understandable explanations of IT terminology, either on their own or with the help of artificial intelligence, demonstrating the ability to purposefully enhance technical competencies as a future recruiter.
  • Distinguishes between programming languages, frameworks, and other technologies and methodologies, explaining why they are used.
  • Confidently engages in conversations with IT teams and expertly analyzes nuances regarding the product, technologies, team structure, and development processes in a project.
  • Thoughtfully reflects on their role and responsibilities as an IT recruiter.



18 modules unlock consecutively on Mondays and Thursdays at 9:00.

Recorded videos can be watched at your convenience.

Live meetings and practices take place on Zoom according to the schedule and are mandatory to attend.

By studying at the right time and answering at least 70% of the test questions correctly, you can earn PRO-level video lessons as a bonus.

Price:  2500 euro (incl 22% VAT).



Julia Jolkin:

Master's degree in Communications (Tallinn University, 2004)  

10 years of experience in HR and 7 years in IT recruitment. Nowadays still actively recruiting IT professionals and managing a team of IT recruiters.

For the past 5 years I have been sharing my knowledge at seminars and in-house trainings. Experienced speaker at international recruitment and sourcing conferences.

Ekaterina Krivich:

Lead Software Engineer (Elixir Development) in an Estonian IT Company.

Masters degree in Human Computer Interaction (Tallinn University 2020).

Masters degree in Applied Math (Kuban state university, Russia 2006).

15 years of hands-on coding experience in a variety of languages. I am a lifelong learner and very excited to share my knowledge about nerdy things. 

Started as a developer and throughout my career I was a lead developer and Engineering Manager. I had the pleasure of organizing several internal trainings for non-developers, and workshops for dev-juniors aka Django Girls Tallinn.

Сourse curator

Julia Jolkin
[email protected]

Töötukassa koolituskaardi koostööpartner
IT Talent is a training partner of the
Unemployment Insurance Fund

Сourse curator

Julia Jolkin
[email protected]

Töötukassa koolituskaardi koostööpartner
IT Talent is a training partner of the
Unemployment Insurance Fund


Amanda Muceniece-Krumina, Recruiting Team Lead Printful, Riga

Training is about the basics and standards of recruitment, it's like ABC for recruiters. It also helps a lot to recruiters with experience to understand the process more and remove a lot of "waste" from day-to-day work. The training has given me interest in sourcing and helped to remove all the unneeded activities from my daily work.

— Amanda Muceniece-Krumina, Recruiting Team Lead Printful, Riga
Merle Rebane, Executive Recruiter from Tammiste Personalibüroo

I gathered lots of ideas and sources from the course that I have later successfully used. At times, I feel like worked in the Stone Age before. How many possibilities there are nowadays ... The training is truly very eye-opening.

— Merle Rebane, Executive Recruiter from Tammiste Personalibüroo
Irina Pikulenko, Office Manager from Sportradar AG

Before the training, recruitment seemed like a simple process to me. During the course I saw how much work and effort it really requires. Thanks to the tips and tricks from the course, I have found a lot more suitable candidates than before. The training has been very beneficial.

— Irina Pikulenko, Office Manager from Sportradar AG
Anna Metsger, HR and Admin Manager

I definitely recommend this training to both recruiters and specialists, whose tasks include HR management. The knowledge shared during the course is very well structured and covers various other HR topics in addition to recruitment activities.

— Anna Metsger, HR and Admin Manager
Natalja Horohordina, Head of Recruitment and Future Staff from Eesti Energia

The amount of unnecessary activities in my day-to-day work has decreased. The course has instilled me with the courage to try out new solutions and tools for recruitment. 10/10, highly practical. I would recommend this course to anyone who looks to treat recruitment as something more than publishing ads on job portals.

— Natalja Horohordina, Head of Recruitment and Future Staff from Eesti Energia
Monika Lehtmets, Recruitment Assistant from Tammiste Personalibüroo

The course provided me with the opportunity to brush up and advance my recruitment skills. Afterwards, I have taken steps to automate my workflow using several new applications and environments introduced during the course. The training is highly practical, because you can test everything you have learned on your ongoing projects.

— Monika Lehtmets, Recruitment Assistant from Tammiste Personalibüroo