Julia Jolkin
Julia Jolkin

IT recruiter, mentor

Recruiter of the Year, 2022
I am an expert level IT recruiter, sourcing specialist, recruitment mentor, founder of one of the top IT recruitment agencies in Estonia - IT Talent.

  • Education: Master''s degree in Communications (Tallinn University, 2004).
  • After working in HR for 10 years I realised that recruitment is the part of HR functions I love the most. I enjoy facilitating career growth and changing peoples lives. In 2014 I received my Black Belt in Sourcing certification& became one of the first home-grown technical recruiters and founded IT Talent. Since then my team has done a great job hiring local and foreign specialists and helping Estonian IT companies grow.
  • I believe in: candidate centric recruitment, life long learning and taking small but regular steps towards big live changing goals.
  • What energises me: speaking at conferences home and abroad and seeing my candidates and mentees grow professionally.
  • My favourite quote is actually a formula: + - =
    Let me explain: one needs +, - and = people to grow professionally.
    "+ people" - to learn from
    "- -people" to share your knowledge with
    "= people" to compete with and be challenged by.
    You will hear many more of my quotes and stories during the course.
Ekaterina Krivich
Ekaterina Krivich

Lead Software Engineer
I am an experienced software engineer with 15 years of hands-on coding experience in a variety of languages. I am a lifelong learner and very excited to share my knowledge about nerdy things.

  • Education: 

    Masters degree in Human Computer Interaction (Tallinn University 2020).

    Masters degree in Applied Math (Kuban state university, Russia 2006).

  • I usually meet HRs when looking for a new job. The impression I was sharing with my colleagues, before I found IT Talent, was: HRs know nothing about IT, and they don’t want to. Julia and her team re-assured me. And now I want to help other HRs to be better in what they do.

  • I started as a developer and throughout my career I was a lead developer and Engineering Manager. I had the pleasure of organizing several internal trainings for non-developers, and workshops for dev-juniors aka Django Girls Tallinn.

  • I believe in: robots who will rule the world, biohacking and lifelong learning.
  • What energises me: reading and writing when I can concentrate on what I’m doing. Listening to dark ambient music and watching zombie movies
  • My favorite quote: “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards”. Once I even wanted to get a tattoo like that.