Are you planning to open or expand an IT office in Estonia? Do you need data and numbers to make the right decision?


Our Consulting Service helps you to understand the IT talent market in Estonia, get the relevant numbers for budgeting and estimate the time needed for building the team.

Consulting session covers:

  • Current IT talent market overview for specific technologies and competences
  • Relevant salary expectation figures and full cost including taxes and relocation package if needed
  • Time estimation needed to build a development team with specific competences
  • Motivation points for the specific potential hires
  • Migration made simple. You will be surpised how easy it is to relocate a specialist to Estonia!

During the consultation you will get the answers to the following questions:

  • Is it possible to find the IT talents with the specific competences in Estonia?
  • What are their salary expectation, total cost including taxes?
  • What motivates the potential hires to accept your job offer?
  • What would be the right value proposition for these profiles?
  • How much should we budget for relocation, recruitment, benefits etc?
  • How can we relocate the hires to Estonia from any other countries of the world within 1 month?