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salary Tallinn, Estonia
salary Relocation: No
salary Fulltime, Flexible

About the Company

Weekdone is one of the leading and well profitable Estonian B2B SaaS product companies, with strong product management and product design culture. The company profitable since January 2015.
Over half of our customers are in the US and UK which are key markets, followed by all the other countries on all continents.

Weekdone Product:
The vision at Weekdone is for all managers and employees at companies to be productive, communicative and happy by offering a no-hassle goal-setting and reporting system.
The company is mostly based on the best practice quarterly OKR - Objectives and Key Results - and weekly PPP - Plans, Progress, Problems - methodologies used by:
Google, Intel, Twitter, Linkedin, eBay, Facebook and others.

What’s the business problem it solves?
Many leaders and managers don't know their employees' current goals, accomplishments and problems. There is no visibility into key goals progressing towards results.
People on the other hand want more clarity and feedback from their managers. Internal communication, especially across teams, is often lacking.
Even more so now that many people work remotely or in distributed ways.

Weekdone lets managers quickly set and share company and team goals, for employees to update and share progress, wins and plans, know what's happening in their teams and other teams and give feedback to employees.
It's a hassle-free weekly employee goal-setting and status reporting, insight dashboards and feedback system.
It makes life easier for leaders and managers and turns teams more productive.

Future vision:
Weekdone's vision is to be the single most used tool in any leader’s or manager's pocket. It should be the core of how they run and manage their teams and employees on regular - usually quarterly and weekly - intervals.
Over the next 12 years, Weekdone would like to find a new, even larger market growing from a niche OKR/PPP tool to a wider team management tool with elements of everyday work management.
Currently, it is the process of testing a new spinoff product for more generic work and team management in the productivity software sphere.
For both a product designer and a frontend developer the more they can be part of creating a new exciting product for the market, contributing their design and product ideas, the better it is.

Company size: 15+

Language: English

The Role

The company is looking for a UI / Frontend Developer. You will take the Product Designer’s Figma designs as input and turn them into HTML/CSS/JS code to be passed on to Backend Dev.

The company always supports frontend developers with coming up with their own design solutions and helping with product design, not just following orders of PMs and PDs.
The current team: 16 people of different nationalities: Estonian, American, British, Ukrainian, Polish. The team includes a CEO, sales and customer success, marketing and product design people.
The product team consists of Product & Design: 7 people, of which:
2 Product Managers, 2 Product Designers, 1 Frontend developer (but 1 product designer and 1 backend also do frontend), also Backend and DevOps engineers.

As a small team, the company supports people being active in multiple projects and areas, not just a narrow functional niche. The work is much more varied than in a large company.
It appreciates people who are independent and self-starting, who are creative and come up with their own ideas, suggestions and improvements, not waiting for orders from above.


What you will need for that:

  • Very good Vanilla, HTML/CSS and good Javascript development experience
  • Good visual eye a strong plus

Optional, bonus skills:

  • jQuery and Bootstrap skills
  • React or React Native skills
  • Backend PHP development

The selection process will consist of:

  • Introduction interview
  • Homework 4-8 hours
  • The last stage with the team


How Weekdone works:
Everybody can pitch product improvements, not just PMs and designers - we do that regularly every 1-3 months. PMs come up with a roadmap for the next 4-6 weeks (rarely for 1 quarter).
PMs do initial improvement or new development sketches, mockups or full specifications, handing these off to Product Designers.

Input to Product Designer can sometimes be just a customer problem statement with no solution mockups, in which case the designer has to come up with both UX and UI solutions to the problem.
Product Designers come up with UX and UI in Figma, handing it off to Frontend Devs, who once ready give it to Backend Developers for implementation.
Ideally weekly release cycle.


  • Modern physical offices in Tallinn Telliskivi 60 and Tartu Paju 2 tower
  • Remote work encouraged. Many of our people are working from abroad (5 countries) or from home
  • Flexible working time at your own pace, no need for 9-17
  • Financial support for self-education or sports, fitness and health
  • Regular team events for networking, fun and better communication
  • A strong foundation to be friendly towards nature and climate

Let’s talk! Send your CV and questions by e-mail julia.jolkin@ittalent.ee
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Let’s talk! Send your CV and questions by e-mail julia.jolkin@ittalent.ee