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salary Estonia
salary Relocation: Yes
salary Fulltime, Flexible

About the Company

Linnworks is one of the UK’s most exciting high-growth tech companies. Founded in 2009, we have rapidly expanded to become the market-leading provider of eCommerce Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions in Europe. Linnworks connects and automates all the different parts of your selling processes.
Linnworks provides a cloud-based, multi-channel stock control and order management system - our software integrates with Amazon, eBay, and more than 50 other online sales channels –
to help manage inventory, listing, order dispatch, and many other aspects of the sales process for our customers.
Full-time, Flexible remote working conditions. The employees may choose whether to work from home or office.
However, the employee must reside in Estonia.

The team is international - 250 people globally, 70+ people in Tallinn from 15 countries: Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Shri Lanka, Turkey, etc. 60 % of the office is Russian-speaking.
However, B2+ English is a must-have to participate in calls with the UK office / VP of Engineering
Most of the developers in the company are full-stack. There is a QA team and a Delivery team.
Every product team has a PO, QA plus several full-stack developers. The processes are Agile.
Office located in Aiandi tn. 13, 12918, Tallinn. Flexible remote working conditions.
The employees may choose whether to work from home or office.

Company size: 250+

Language: English

The Role

Few words about the team and its mission:
Here at Linnworks, the Engineering department is split into different teams that are responsible for different parts of the system. You will be a part of the frontend Core team, responsible for the frontend framework development as well as implementation and maintenance of UI components and core libraries that are used by other teams.
The team consists of high-level specialists, who are responsible for the most critical parts of the Linnworks platform.
All of the changes are aimed at increasing stability and enhancing the possibilities of our core systems.

Linnworks is currently working on a lot of different interesting projects, one of the biggest ones being the implementation of support for Micro-Apps / Micro-Frontends Architecture to split our frontend into smaller parts. 
At this stage, the frontend framework is operating a hybrid model in order to be able to support both AngularJS and Angular components, and it is in the middle of migrating it to the latest version of Angular.

Working as part of the core team will provide you with the perfect opportunity to showcase and sharpen your skills in front-end development.
You are excited at the prospect of contributing to the growth of a fast-paced tech company, and you won’t settle for mediocrity anywhere along the way. You don’t sit around and wait to be told what to do.
You take the initiative and find creative ways to get work done. You’re a great team player. You’re open-minded, committed to the success of all your colleagues, and you are a positive person to be around.
You put the customer at the heart of your work and strive to create an exceptional customer experience.

The stack of technologies:
Methodology: Agile (Scrum, XP) with DevOps Ideology
Communications: Slack, JIRA, Git, G-Suite, Lucidchart, MindMeister, etc
Backend: .NET 4.7.2+ on C# (ASP.NET WebAPI, WCF, SignalR, Ninject, etc.), .NET Core 3.0+ on C# (ASP.NET Core), Docker, etc
Frontend: Hybrid Application (AngularJS + Angular 11), WebPack, NgRx, RequireJS, SASS, etc
Testing: XUnit, NSubstitute, WebdriverIO, Report Portal, Zephyr Scale, etc
IDE: Visual Studio 2019 / Rider, Visual Studio Code, etc
Storage: Microsoft SQL Server 2016/2019 (T-SQL, OLAP), PostgreSQL, AWS (DynamoDB, ElastiCache, RDS, Redshift, S3 and etc.), InfluxDB, etc
AWS: EC2, VPC, ECR / EKS / ECS, ELB, Lambda, Route 53, etc
Telemetry: EFK (Elasticsearch, Fluentd, Kibana), Prometheus, CloudWatch / CloudTrail, Grafana, Redgate SQL Monitor, Google Analytics / Mouseflow, Customer Feedback, etc
Automation: Terraform, Ansible, Kubernetes, StackStorm, Jenkins Pipelines, Scripting (PowerShell, Groovy, Python, bash), etc
Container orchestration: Kubernetes (AWS EKS), AWS ECS
Server: Windows Server 2016 / 2019, Linux (Redhat, Amazon Linux AMI), IIS, Kestrel, Apache, etc
SCM: BitBucket, Git
CDN: Cloudflare, CloudFront
OS: Windows Servers, Linux Systems
Security: Malware detection, Vulnerability scanning tools, Configuration scanning, etc
Support: Freshdesk / Freshchat / Freshcaller, etc
Sales: Hubspot, Mailchimp / Mandrill, etc


  • 5+ years in Software Development with a focus on Frontend
  • Team or Tech Lead experience, interest in mentoring
  • Expert level HTML, CSS, Javascript (ES6), and Typescript
  • Experience with frameworks such as Angular (preferred), Vue or React
  • Strong understanding of how to build a responsive web design
  • Understanding how to make a testable product and keep testing coverage high for critical places
  • Keeping up-to-date with industry trends and technology developments
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Good level of English, written and spoken

    Nice to have:
  • Experience in mobile development
  • You have worked with AngularJS 
  • You are familiar with migration problems from AngularJS to Angular
  • Experience in building a Micro-Frontend Architecture
  • Back-end coding in any OOP language (such as C#, Java, etc)
  • Participation in complex Enterprise Architectures (microservices, container-based, event-driven, multi-threading, high load)
  • Experience with any Cloud Platform (such as AWS, Azure, etc)


  • Fulfilling tech lead duties in a team of 4 (with a possibility of team's expansion)
  • Helping to establish our front-end team's vision and long-term plans and look after their accomplishments
  • Playing a key role in setting up quarter objectives
  • Helping to find ways how to evolve technical processes and code quality within the team
  • Working as part of the core team responsible for designing and maintaining multiple platforms/frameworks, as well as core packages/components on which main parts of the Linnworks product are built on
  • Participate in all kinds of frontend activities in order to increase the stability and reliability of our platforms
  • Participate in frontend framework developments
  • Implement reusable UI components and core libraries
  • Assisting other teams with choosing appropriate solutions and architecture for the frontend part of the application
  • Practicing continuous delivery; shipping MVPs fast for user feedback; releasing early and often with refactoring as required


  • Interesting projects
  • Young, friendly, and versatile team
  • Hybrid working model
  • Competitive salary
  • An option of flexible working hours
  • You get 5 full weeks of holidays per year
  • Learning opportunities (conferences, books, courses)
  • A cozy office where you can work and relax (playroom with foosball, table tennis, and sofas, pull-up bar, office library, chess board)
  • Coffee, fruits, yogurts
  • Quarterly corporate events and regular team building activities
  • Sports activities compensation
  • Relocation assistance provided

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