Middle to Senior Backend Java Engineer

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salary Tallinn, Estonia
salary Relocation: No
salary Fulltime, Onsite

About the Company

N2 is an aspiring iGaming startup that focuses on building a bespoke casino gaming platform by utilizing a modern techstack and cloud based technologies. 
N2 is established in Tallinn, Estonia with the goal to manage all of its technical operations from this location. 
It assures on-premise transparent, fast and smooth communications.

The company is led by an experienced team of individuals with a track record of numerous successful projects delivered in various verticals of the gambling industry, from games development to systems design to integrations. 
The current team size is 5, in a background a strong team of professionals who know how to build complex systems from scratch, fine-tune, optimize and deploy them to production.
The team is committed to build a seamlessly operating product, delivered on time, that outperforms competitors. 
CEO and CTO are both hands-on and engage with the team on a daily basis. 

Engineering work is conceptually split between the two main verticals: 
Core Platform and Integrations (with third-party systems).

The company is financially secure and stable, the team is at the early stage of our operations and ready to scale up to 10 more people within a year. 
The product has recently launched and is now live, surpassing the MVP milestone.
Roadmap for 2023/2024 requires more engineers on the Core and Integrations teams to meet the deadlines.

A temporary office is located in the brand new coworking space at Workland Fahle. 
The plan is to enter into a long term office lease agreement at a different location as we grow the team and operations in the coming months.

The current tech stack is as follows:

  • Java 17
  • Eclipse Vert.x, a polyglot event-driven application toolkit
  • RxJava (Reactive Extensions for the JVM)
  • ReactJS for front-end development
  • Maven
  • Docker and Docker Compose
  • Bitbucket CI/CD pipelines
  • Amazon AWS infrastructure for environments, networking and scalability
  • AWS SQS for asynchronous messaging
  • AWS ECS for containers
  • Multiple OLTP/OLAP databases (SQL and NoSQL variants)
  • Microservices based architecture

Company size: 5+

Language: English

The Role

The team is looking for an experienced Middle to Senior Backend Java Engineer to join the Integrations Team. 

Ideally this candidate can become the lead of the Integrations Team in the future. 
This person will report directly to the CEO (product) and CTO (tech).

What is in it for you?
- You would be authorized and supported by the team to develop a highly scalable high-performance distributed system that is a challenging and exciting endeavor.
- You can share your experience in helping the team achieve rock solid performance in the cloud by using a modern tech stack.
- You can grow into a team lead or climb the engineering seniority ladder within the team
- You would be working in a committed team of strong engineers who get things done on time.

At the start it would be required from the successful candidate to dip into software architecture, fine-grained microservices with clean APIs between, pull request based code review process, and within a year to contribute to the development of the Core platform and third-party integrations. 


Selection process:
Depending on your availability, the process can go fast, not many stages, technical test tasks are possible, it is in progress.

  • Offline Screening technical Interview at the office (1-2 hours)
  • Offer interview


  • Proficient in Java and the tools in the Java ecosystem.
  • Proficient in relational databases (MySQL).
  • Experience in API design and development. Good understanding of REST protocol.
  • Experience in microservice architecture.
  • Strong principles towards writing clean, simple, maintainable and performant code.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills in English.

Beneficial experience/ Good to have:

  • Experience with systems deployment in cloud (AWS).
  • Experience with message queues, event-driven architecture.


  • Plan and oversee new and ongoing integration processes throughout the start of the development to deployment and operation.
  • Hands-on implementation of third-party integrations.
  • Propose, design and implement internal tooling to support building new integrations.
  • Participating in technical integration related discussions with external partners.
  • Contributing to the overall system design and improvements.
  • Lead a small team of engineers.

More details and fast-track pass to the interview: Email: [email protected]
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More details and fast-track pass to the interview: Email: [email protected]