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salary Estonia (Office/Remote)
salary Relocation: Yes
salary Fulltime, Flexible

About the Company

Salv provides technology-powered solutions that help banks and fintech companies detect and mitigate financial crime, and takes compliance to a new level allowing you to make a global impact. 
The company gives flexibility and speed needed to stay ahead of criminals.

Salv's mission: 
Today, millions of people around the world are cheated out of good lives because only around 1-2% of money laundering is detected. 
It’s time to change that. Salv knows smartly-built tech will finally help the good guys get ahead.

There are 55 persons in the company: 40 in the Tallinn office location, 10 - in Tartu.
Several colleagues have been working remotely in Estonia and 2 people in Lithuania.

Current employees came from well-known companies such as Wise, Skype, PipeDrive and more.
The team is an international one and English is the main communication language.
Founders have been financial crime fighters for over a decade. 
Together, the team has been part of building AML, Compliance and Financial Crime identification at multiple European companies. 
At Salv, a team of AML and technology experts assembled to build the platform today’s banks and fintechs need to combat criminals.

Company size: 50+

Language: English

The Role

Salv is looking for Backend Engineers (Java) from junior to senior grades, Fullstack background is great one.
Relocation is offered for an experienced senior level engineers.

You’ll help us build a SaaS-based anti-money laundering products. But it’s not just about building tech.
You’re putting together the very technology that will catch the financial criminals that run rampant in today’s financial systems.

What does success look like after 6 months?
You've built an end-to-end feature and own it throughout continuous improvement cycles.
You've implemented features related to anti-money laundering product like screening, sanctions checks & many others.


In a magical world, a bunch of these things would be true of you:

  • Know containerisation technology and various orchestration platforms e.g. Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos etc;
  • Have experience with AWS or other Cloud offerings
  • Understand test-driven development (TDD) and want to write tests
  • Have experience in distributed and concurrent systems, knowing the trade-offs between stateful/stateless and synchronous/asynchronous architectures
  • Understand horizontal scaling and experience with relevant technologies
  • Understand regulatory compliance and experience with Anti Money Laundering
  • Have experience with scaling PostgreSQL and/or ElasticSearch

A sneak peek into the tech stack:

  • Spring Boot 2 and Kotlin + Java 12+
  • React with Jest & React testing library/Enzyme
  • PostgreSQL and Elasticsearch
  • Docker
  • AWS

Selection process:
The first screening call would be arranged with the one of the technical engineers
The second stage: Technical round with live coding. 2 engineers-interviewers (90min)
The third interview: The second technical round with an architect. No live coding (90min)
The forth stage is schedueled to discuss issues of product vision and how productivity can be measured (30min)
The fifth call: The offer call-interview with CTO


The kind of engineers that will thrive at Salv:

  • Move fast. To build, MVP, and test product-market fit.
  • Build in flexibility. To make customer decisions and onboarding lightning fast.
  • Prioritise both high-performing and reliable. AML systems are critical for financial institutions. We can’t fail them.
  • Have both tech & product skills. Passionate about technology, product, and user experience.
  • Are great communicators. Strong soft skills and the ability to articulate complex and technical concepts to non-technical audiences.


What does the company offer?

  • Beat finacial crime:
    You’ll be a part of — hopefully — making the world a better place for everyone.
  • Early stage options:
    Besides a competitive salary, every member of our team will get options.
    Of course, there are never any guarantees that we’ll succeed.
    But if we do — and that’s how we’re betting — they could be worth a lot.
  • Freedom, interetsing challenges & learning opportunities: 
    As in every small growing company, there are many hats that need wearing in the beginning.
    But as we grow, you'll have opportunities to focus on your favorite career tracks, including leadership.
    You’ll have freedom, but you’ll also have the responsibility that comes with it.
    You will make – and own – a lot of decisions.
    You need to figure out the best solutions for our customers.
    Get ready for a lot of challenges that need tackling.
  • Incredible team: 
    Our team is full of mission-driven, kind-hearted people who love learning and big challenges.
    Some who have proven they can make awesome things happen in organizations like TransferWise, Skype, Pipedrive, and more.
  • Remote-friendly work:
    Although almost all of our team is currently located in Tallinn or Tartu, we often work from other places.
    Which is part of why you can choose when and where you work, as long as you have an impact on customers and are aligned with the team.
  • Positive chaos: At Salv, you won’t find corporate benefits.
    You won’t find bosses who dictate what to do.
    And we hope you won’t find boring roles with inflated titles.
    Salv is just a place where you can make the right things happen.


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