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salary Tallinn, Estonia
salary Relocation: No
salary Fulltime, Flexible

About the Company

We help best Estonian IT companies grow by attracting top IT specialists both from Estonia and many other countries. We often relocate foreign specialists and their families to Estonia. Most of our clients have been working with us for several years. We are truly proud of our work. We believe that our job is to build teams. We help people grow professionally. We are builders, not bounty hunters. Our approach is called “candidate-centric recruitment.” Our main customers are our candidates, and their trust is of utmost importance for us. We give them a choice instead of force-feeding the positions that must be closed. Our work with candidates is more like career counseling. We change the lives of people, sometimes even entire families', and we fully understand level our responsibility. In return, we can't be more proud when seeing how happy our candidates are.

Company size: 5+

Language: English, Russian, Estonian

The Role

During the first 3 months, you will have to study a lot to understand the magic of our Hogwarts and take your first steps in sourcing and conducting interviews. You will need to search for candidates both in Estonia and far beyond its borders. This is no job for the lazy or shy! We will provide you with the best video sourcing course (in English), share our experience and teach you how to set up processes. You will have a personal mentor. If you already know a lot, that’s even better! Things will move faster! During your first year, you will learn how to close positions of any tech profile, build entire teams and outperform any recruiter of an Estonian IT startup. One year at IT Talent counts as 2 in inhouse recruitment! And after that, the sky is your limit! We are huge fans of OKR. We have specific goals, measurable key results and a team target for 2022. If we do a good job and achieve our goal, we will go to Singapore as a team!


  • Our office is Veerenni district
  • We gather in the office to share experience, study and run team meetings twice a week: on Monday and Friday. On other days, each of us plans where to work individually.
  • However, freedom comes with responsibility. We have clear measurable goals for one week, 3 months, a year.
  • Work schedule: office hours, flexible hours. We believe that you need to work smart, instead of just working 8 hours a day. But, again, we have measurable weekly tasks. Love your job, and it will return the compliment!
  • Offered salary: flat rate + placement bonus. We will support you during the first 2 months. As soon as you gain confidence, you can receive 1000 - 3000 euros net, or even more. Your salary is in your hands


  • You love people and understand that we work with real people, not just their CVs. And you understand full responsibility of your influence on their life.
  • You are very self-organized, and can efficiently plan your time yourself. We have a flexible working schedule and free office visits, but «freedom comes hand in hand with responsibility»!
  • You are not new to IT, you do not only understand the difference between Java and Javascript but can easily distinguish between Agular and AngularJS or explain the connection between Elixir and Erlang virtual machine. On top of that, you can easily find missing information and research any technology yourself on the Internet.
  • Sourcing is not just a buzzword for you. Sourcing strings are born at your fingertips, like a melody of a magic flute. You fearlessly explore the world outside Linkedin.
  • You have previous experience in conducting interviews. And do not look at the interview as a checklist. You build relationships with a candidate, you are curious by nature.
  • You are interested in what drives your candidates, what they miss for complete happiness, what they aspire to.
  • You won’t just impose some jobs. You will try to understand the candidate and help him or her to become happier and grow professionally.
  • You are ready to learn on a daily basis, since IT recruitment, just like IT in general never stops changing. So should you! It’s not a problem for you to study on your own. You like to share knowledge with colleagues.
  • You speak fluent English. Our candidates are from very different countries! Can you make an interview in English and make a phone call to any specialist?
  • Don’t hesitate to reach out to us even if you fall short a little. We are not perfect either and are ready to support you in self-development.


  • We have no sport or health benefits, we do not pay for phone or parking. We get a very good salary, and everyone can afford to join their favorite sports club or indulge in a massage.
  • All we need for work is a good internet connection. However, it’s no secret that we prefer to use the latest Mac models, which are super handy to carry around or work from bed.
  • We participate in the best specialized conferences, like SOSU and HRAPI. Our friends share slides and videos from the conferences we couldn’t attend personally. We are long-time friends with colleagues from different countries!

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