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salary Tallinn, Estonia
salary Relocation: Yes
salary Full-time, flexible

About the Company

Synctuition is a great, rapidly growing Estonian company, founded in 2017. It’s not a start up, now the company is already paying for itself.

Their user-base is already in hundreds of thousands, if not over a million. The number of app users is growing at least 1000 new users monthly.

The Product

Keep calm, breath and relax. That’s how we can easily describe Synctuition and unique mind relaxation technology.

Synctuition goes far beyond meditative relaxation providing an immersive mind travel experience using the amazing power of 3D sound. And that cannot be compared to any other audio mediation in the world.

Company size: 12+

Language: English

The Role

So far dev competence has been mostly outsourced, but the speed of growth so far shows that Synctuition needs a very able team on premises to realize the ideas and also create them.

Now they are hiring a Python developer, ideally a Fullstack Python developer.

Challenge of the role would be as it's with any other job - to get on board and start producing the software needed to fullfill the markets needs.


  • Finnishing the development of B2B sales functionalities
  • Creating the brand new product on the same platform
  • Creation of next gen. backoffice admin system
  • Creating the tech. design and architecture of the system and
  • Implementation to launch - it really is going to be "our product"


  • The coolest office in Rävala street 5.
  • Flexible, fulltime office job
  • Fulfilling job creating a smart and very useful product

More details and fast-track pass to the interview at: Telegram: @alina_tallinna Email:
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More details and fast-track pass to the interview at: Telegram: @alina_tallinna Email: