When your company comes to the tough decision to close a project or to lay off some employees any assistance that you can provide them is always appreciated.

The Outplacement Service helps to make the redundant specialists’ departure smoother and aids them in finding new jobs faster. The service package includes a motivational group session and an individual one-on-one counselling meeting with each dismissed person.


Motivational group session covers:

  • Current job market overview and job searching channels
  • Resume writing guidance
  • Polishing interview skills

The group session will help the laid off specialists to understand that the end could actually turn out to be a great beginning. It will inspire them to get themselves together and take action to find a new job.

Individual career counselling assists the redundant individuals to gain confidence and work out a plan for finding their next challenge.


The meeting covers:

  • Polishing the CV
  • Analysing the candidates’ social media profiles
  • Targeting the interesting employers and job offers
  • Building an action plan

By offering the Outplacement Service to your employees you will strengthen your organisation’s image, both internally and externally, and show that you are both a caring and responsible employer.

Support your employees after you have to break the news, prevent them from being overwhelmed by the sudden change and helps them to get quickly back on their feet.